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Sun, Golf, Friends

Why would you go anywhere else?

From the moment you start down the tree lined country lane and turn in to the gates of La Floresta, you can see the sign that says WELCOME HOME.  And it is like coming home each season as Wintertexans from all over the U.S. and  Canada return to be with their extended families.

We have been coming to the Valley for 15 years.  At first to visit friends who had retired before us, and since 2000, as full fledged Retired-Senior Citizens.  Our stay began as three months and then up to five, and we still go home each year saying we didn't get to do all we want.



This website offers several places to discover what we are doing with out winters. Click on any one of the 9 topics on the left and it will take you to new information about what we are doing. We hope it will convenience you that you are missing out on fun, fellowship, and a fantastic experience if you are not part of our family.  We are a small park and no one is a strange more than the time it takes to park or move in.  Come see what you have been missing.

Welcome To My Home Page

We hope this web page will give you some insight as to what the Rio Grande Valley has to offer, by highlighting some of the things that go on at our "home away from home".  there are many RV parks in the Valley, however, we love the small-town friendly atmosphere at La Floresta RV Park and Golf Course. 

We will update the site each month as the activities change, so come back often and feel free to send your comments or questions to us.

Gary and Vicki



What a great place to spend the winter.  The Valley has all the same eminities that you enjoy in your hometown PLUS many unique things.

We are only 10 miles from the safest, cleanest, most convenient border crossing town.  Progresso offers wonderful/authenic, as well as Tex-Mex. varietys of food items at most eating places.  Street vendors offer everything from avacados to wallets, and they will still bargain a little on their prices.  You have probably heard stories about the Rolex watches and Gucci purses and it is buyer beware on things like that.  Many seniors do their prescription drug shopping there as well. It all just adds to the charm of the Valley.


Want to be a part of a unique group of retired people from a variety of backgrounds with a common goal to enjoy the enjoy their lives away from the cold, snow, and common winter miseries - then a season at La Floresta is for you.  With a common goal to play golf, party, and spend time with friends doing a variety of activities, we come together year after year to this wonderful RV Park.   There are a few lots left for RVs, Motorhomes, and park models .  You can call the park owner to find out what is available or to reserve a lot at 956-565-6314. There are also some individuals who have units For Sale or Rent and they are individually noted on the CONTACT page of this website, with descriptions and email addresses for additional information.

You can also contact me through this webpage for a brochure or more information about units that are for sale or rent.  "COME ON DOWN"

Tommie Brixey, Park Owner

La Floresta RV Park & Golf Course

Mercedes, Texas